Charlotte Poulsen - sculpture animalière - grès contemporain - céramique

Charlotte Poulsen. Exposition des sculptures de la céramiste à la galerie en 2015

1950 born in Horsens (DK)

1969 -73 studies ceramics, Aarhus Kunstakademi (DK)

1974  studies with Pierre Mestre at La Borne and at Anne Kjaersgaard’s house (F)

1975 – 78  workshop at  Achères (F)

1978 – 80  Professor of Ceramics, Aarhus Kunstakademi (NL)

1981 returns to France and sets up a workshop at La Borne (F)

Ceramist of Danish origin, Charlotte Poulson made a name for herself in the 90’s with her sculptures inspired by traveller’s tales: antelopes and other large African herbivores.  Her very distinct animals are modelled out of different clays, halfway between expressionism and realism.

At the threshold of 2000 and again more recently, as a propensity towards more lightness and in a quest for something more airy, the artist’s inspiration has centred around ‘birds’.   Charlotte Poulsen’s imagined bird, based on regular visitors to the countryside and gardens of her childhood, takes flight from a plinth, which is itself an integral part of the work to the point of very rapidly becoming its major expression.  Parallel to this, the artist also works in cylindrical forms which are also displayed in the gallery.

Once at the top of the mountain, continue to climb’, this Asiatic expression comforts Charlotte in her approach which moves away from the things that she knows, to delve deeper and deeper inside herself.”
Bernard David, extract from La Borne, October 2011.



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  •  Presidency of the Republic
  •  Musée National de Céramique, Sèvres.
  •  Cher Departmental Centre of Tourism.

CV – Charlotte Poulsen